This Recruiting Package is something that I have been working on for a few months. This page will show a rundown of a few things this package will contain, but it does not explain or show all of the content you will recieve upon joining 5 Star Athletics. When joining 5 Star you will receive a pamphlet more in depth of all of the content. If you have any questions please head to the contact bar and shoot me a text or email! When you join 5 Star I am available to you 24/7!


As a Recruiting Coordinator I will explain what most college coaches look for and how academics can change your life!

Creating & Editing of Film

As a parent have you ever wondered when you should start gathering film? Or how to edit film that is appealing to college coaches? I want to help with that!

Importance of Metrics

In todays game Metrics play a major role. I will explain what each metric is and how it is important while training & gathering metrics of your own! 

Social Media 

Social Media is one of the biggest platforms colleges coaches look at for recruiting! Are you doing everything right? I will guide you on running your social media!

Sending Emails to Colleges

No college coach enjoys reading automated emails. I will break down how to send proper emails to college coaches! As well as a list of hundreds of coaches!

In-Season Off- Season Weight Programs

The weight room makes a difference! Learn to fall in love with it! When joining this program we will send you In-Season & Off-Season weight training programs!

Showcases & Events

A list of showcases & events you should attend!

Custom Hitting/Pitching Programs

Each Hitting Program is customed to the individual based on their metrics! 

Pitching Programs are also customized!


Athletic Scholarships

We will break down how much every college level athletic scholarship recieves and assist you in what a good offer is!


We want to help you as much as possible and there are grants out there for everyone! 

Academic Scholarships

We will guide you in whatever school you decide to go to and help sign up for academic scholarship!


We will post leaderboards for everyone that jumps on board with 5 Star Athletics! Can you make your way to the #1 Spot?