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"I believe 5 Star Athletics is a necessary service to promote high school baseball players looking to go play college baseball. This is not only a recruiting tool this is a tool that will get you better and closer to your dream school. Coach Rivera is a excellent coach who will help you with everything baseball related as long as you are willing to work. If you work hard he will do his absolute best to place you at a school that best fits your ability!

- Dawson Hauff

  Yakima, Washington

"I'm extremely excited to be on board with 5 Star Athletics because I know that they will help me get where I want to be! After training with Coach Rivera and seeing how he has helped me bump up my hitting numbers, I know I can trust him to get me to the next level too! Can't wait to get started!"

- Drew Richardson

  Spokane, Washington


"Why 5 Star Athletics? With the pandemic, recruiting has been a struggle for a lot of talented players, whether that be because of cost of showcases, lockdowns, or inability to attend showcases for other reasons. I know 5 Star Athletics will be a huge hit because the guys there are focused on you! Your development, and getting you to the next level! 5 Star Athletics will be the best way to showcase your talents for a portion of the price of many other platforms."

- Danny Alvarado 

  Salem, Oregon

"Coach Rivera's programs and understanding of hitting mechanics will take your swing to the next level. He has helped our team (WVC) tremendously in the box. Coach Rivera is a friendly and knowledgeable coach that would do anything for his players, which I admire the most."

- Alex Black

  Freeland, Washington

"I think 5 Star Athletics is a great way for kids to get better and get themselves noticed. With both coaching and the ability to get you seen and ready for college, Coach Rivera will do so. I think there is so much talent and kids that don't get seen and this is a great way to change that. This is an opportunity to get exposed to the next level and to also get you ready to play at the next level. Coach Rivera will help you with the whole process in getting you to the college you want and preparing you at the same time!"

- Gabe DeJesus

  Yakima, Washington

"5 Star Athletics is the way to go! When I arrived last year my averages were below college level. With the help of Coach Rivera and his Hitting Programs I was able to jump 10 mph just on my bat speed alone! If you want to get better get with 5 Star Athletics!"

- Kory Shaw

  Vancouver, Washington